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Nukon Fibre Laser Machine Pro

Nukon is a well established European manufacturer of economical and productive fibre lasers; the latest technology in laser cutting of sheet metal components.  We are sole agents in the UK for the Nukon machines with a dedicated base and showroom in the Midlands.  We offer complete sales, service and support and would welcome the opportunity to show you the range of Nukon fiber laser cutting machines in action.

Why Choose Nukon Fibre Laser Cutting Machines?

The Nukon Fiber Laser cutting machines feature the same technology as the Trumpf laser cutting machine, Amada laser cutting machine, Bystronics Laser cutting machines, and Highyag laser cutting machine, yet at a fraction of the cost.

The Range of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

The fiber laser machines from Nukon are already well known in Europe and the U.S. for offering economical and high productivity which is why over 500 machines have been installed already throughout the world.

Vento 315 and Vento 420 Laser Cutting Machine offer high productivity in pipe and profile cutting.
Rex 315 Laser Cutting Machine for pipe and profile cutting.
NF Pro 315, NF Pro 420NF Pro 620 Laser Cutting Machines gives optimum performance in 2D cutting with 24/7 productivity
Eco 315 Laser Cutting Machine
The Nukon Eco laser cutting machine is the most affordable machine and is ideal for smaller spaces.
X5 Axes Laser Cutting Machine
Offers the ultimate in 3d cutting technology.

View the Range of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines in Action