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NUKON is a well-established European manufacturer of economical, productive and durable Fibre or Fiber Laser Cutting Machines; the latest technology in laser cutting of sheet metal components.


Nukon UK are sole UK agents for NUKON Laser Cutting Machines, with a dedicated base and showroom in the Midlands. We offer complete sales, service, repairing and support and would welcome the opportunity to show you the range of Fibre Laser Machines in action. We also supply a comprehensive range of Used Fibre Laser Cutting Machines for Sale.


Why Choose a Nukon Fibre Laser Cutting Machine?

For precision engineering and high precision metal cutting and profiling, NUKON fibre laser cutting machines are the best option available- encompassing the newest technology in laser cutting to guarantee high speed, precision, efficiency & low human intervention.

Full benefits of our machines include:

  • Energy Efficient- Save money on energy bills due to improved efficiency in metal cutting and profiling.
  • High Precision & Excellent Cutting Quality- NUKON fibre laser cutters offer unrivalled quality and precision, allowing for the production of highly intricate shapes and guaranteed repeatability in every component.
  • Fast Processing Times- Fibre laser cutting machines are designed specifically for high speed and high performance, so are the perfect choice if you need to quickly cut a range of materials.
  • Improve Productivity- Providing high speed metal cutting and profiling, our machines can help increase productivity for your business.
  • Ease of use - user friendly- Our machines require low human intervention, but have a simple control system for a user to easily control production.
  • Cost Effective Machine- NUKON Laser Cutting Machines feature the same technology as leading brands such as Trumpf, Amada, Bystronics and Highyag fibre laser cutters, yet at a fraction of the cost.
  • Low Maintenance- All of our machines are reliable and durable, requiring minimum maintenance - saving your business on cost and down time.

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What Industries are Fibre Laser Cutter Machines Used In?

Fibre laser machines can be used in a multitude of applications and complex projects within various industries. Capable of cutting a wide range of materials including steel, copper, titanium, aluminium & brass, our fibre laser cutter machines can be used in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Tooling
  • Engineering
  • Marine


Our Range of Fibre Laser Cutting Machines

The Fibre Laser Cutters from Nukon have gained renown accross Europe and the U.S. for offering an economical solution and high productivity which is why over 500 machines have been installed already throughout the world. They encompass the newest technology in laser cutting to guarantee high speed, precision, efficiency & low human intervention. Our products include:


Vento 315Vento 420 | Vento Flex

Fibre laser cutting machines that offer high productivity in both pipe and profile cutting.

Guaranteeing speed, reliability and low operating costs, all of our Vento machines come equipped with features including a linear system, nozzle cleaning, auto-nozzle changing,  and an advanced loading/loading-unloading system.

Ideal for the cutting and marking of various metal pipes and tubes, Vento laser cutting machines are able to cut a range of materials. These machines can be used for advertising, crafts, decoration, lighting and within other metal processing sectors.


Rex 315

The REX model is a powerful profile and tube laser cutting machine - providing high quality pipe and profile cutting applications as well as efficient sheet metal cutting.

Ideal for companies working with special pieces, this laser cutting machine can be used in a range of industries working with a variety of steels and other metals.

Offering high durability and reliability, the REX 315 is a highly economical solution to metal cutting and profiling.


NF Pro 315NF Pro 420| NF Pro 620

NF PRO laser cutting machines model are designed to give optimum performance in 2D laser cutting, with advanced automation allowing for 24/7 production.

These machines are fully customisable, cutting not just standard sizes but all the way up to 30m2. Built with solid steel frames, the rigid structure of this machine allows cutting a selection of materials safely, even in difficult conditions.


Eco 315 Cutting Machine

The Nukon Eco model is our most affordable fibre laser cutting machine and is ideal for smaller spaces.

Although this model is more affordable, no quality is compromised, with the same high durability and precision that all NUKON machines offer.

As well as a more compact frame and cheaper price, the machine also offers low maintenance costs so is an ideal purchase for companies that have limited budgets.


X5 - 5 Axis Laser Cutting Machine

NUKON is the sole UK distributor of the X5 5-axis fibre laser cutting machines, which offers the latest in 3D laser cutting technology.

The ideal solution for cutting 3D parts, the X5 allows for unrivalled productivity and reliability  and can help minimise the time and cost in metal cutting and profiling

Used in a variety of applications, this state-of-the-art machine can process any type of material with high precision, flexibility and efficiency whilst operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


For more information on all of our laser cutting machines for sale, contact our specialised team to discuss your requirements.


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