N Lift

  • N LIFT is designed to automatically load sheet into your machine.
  • With N LIFT, your machine operates at high efficiency and your production capacity increases.
  • N LIFT minimizes space requirements with its compact design.
  • N LIFT is programmable due to its system automation structure.
  • High-quality shoes with German Schmalz double suction system are used for vacuuming.
  • 25 m3 / h capacity dry type vacuum pump is used.
  • Safety system sensors are available in the work area.
  • The machine is flexible with a loading angle of 76 °.
 Technical specifications
For NUKON machines   NF PRO 315 - REX 315 - VENTO 315  
Max. lifting capacity 750 kg  
Max. sheet size 600 mm  
Min. sheet thickness  1000 x 2000 mm  
Load holding surface Straight, slightly rough   
Cargo transportation  Horizontal   
Suction cup diameter / number ø 210/8 pieces  
Max. Lifting speed 20 m / min  
Max. Angle of rotation 76 °  
Total machine power 
Weight Approx
5.5 kW