NK-T160 Pipe & Profile Cutting Machine


NUKON Pipe-Profile fiber laser system is used for the processing of pipes or profiles produced in different materials and shapes in many sectors such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, defense industry, automotive sector and industrial shelf sector.The machine is suitable for pipe, square profile, rectangular and oval profile cuts. The machine can be produced with 1kW and 2kW power options. It is loaded with bale profiles or pipe materials by an automatic loading system. 

Feed chuck can hold materials between Ø20-Ø160mm in the center of the axis. Jaw clamping works with pneumatic drive with adjustable pressure . Profile rotation axis and profile driving axisservo motor is driven.
The front mirror can hold materials between Ø20 and Ø160mm precisely in the  center axis with 4 support roller jaws  . Jaw squeezing  works with pneumatic drive system with adjustable pressure.
When all material settings are entered in the system according to cross-sectional dimensions of pipes and profiles, CNC by automatically. Suitable for installing parts between 3000mm-  6000mm.
Supports are the support elements that are placed in order to prevent collapse and oscillation of the  materials during cutting according to the cross-section and length dimensions of the  pipes and profiles entered into the CNC. All settings are made automatically according to the section dimensions.
In cases where manual intervention to the finished workpiece is required in the unloading process, the gripper mayit moves the part to the unloading position without any intervention  .


Machine Model  NK-T160
Medicine  Pipe and Profile Cutting Machine
resonator 1 kW 2 kW 3 kW
Maximum Cutting Capacity Soft Steel  5 mm / .19 " 6mm / .23 " 8mm / .32 "
Stainless  3 mm / .11 " 4 mm / .15 " 5 mm / .19 "
Aluminum  2 mm / .07 " 3 mm / .11 " 5 mm / .19 "
Rice  1.5mm / .06 " 2 mm / .07 " 4 mm / .15 "
Copper 1.5mm / .06 " 2 mm / .07 " 4 mm / .15 "
Max. Outer Rolling Circle Diameter  Ø 226mm / 8.90 "
Max. Round Section  Ø 160mm / 6.30 "
Max. Square Section Edge Length  160mm / 6.30 "
Max. Rectangular Section Length  160mm / 6.30 "
Feed Length  6500mm / 21.32ft, * 8000mm / * 26.24ft
Max Loading Weight  25 kg / m
Residual Parts / 80mm / 3.15 "
Options  - Fully Automatic Loading - 
Fully Automatic Unloading - 
Sewing Direction Detection 
-Bevel Cut - 
Control Board  21 "Multi Touch Screen
Machine Weight  12,000 kg
*Option -> The right to make changes in size, structure and equipment belongs to NUKON.


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