Portal Plasma

NK series are designed to work under any heavy industry conditions with its solid rigit body structure. The biggest advantage of this machine is its solid body structure. Rails and bodies are the most important factor for a cutting machine to stay stable in a good condition and last longer. In terms of using rails, train type of rails are used at NKS of machine, if the bridhe width is wider than 3.5 meter. It could be up to 6 meter.
Mechanical System
Y excitation : Rail system or elevator guide Rack over H platform.
X excitation: Linear guide connected parallel over proceed surface
NUKON  HD Plasma Cutting Head
 Machine Speed mm/min 30 ( positioning speed)
 Positioning sensitivity mm 0.05
 Repeat sensitivity mm 0.01
 Number of stations - 1 Plasma Station (Optional Max. 2 Pcs)
 Distance Control - Arc Distance Control System (Comman THC - Hyperterm-ABD)
 Control System - Infinity Wesbus
 Plasma System - Hypertherm Series
 Cutting table - Automatic control of smoke suction table
 Placement Program Radan Profile CAD/CAM - Lantek CAD/CAM automatic ranking.