Fibre Laser Cutting Technology

The NUKON Fibre Laser Cutting Machines are designed for cutting sheet metal in various manufacturing applications. Learn how the different parts of a Nukon Fibre Laser work together for efficient operation. The advanced cutting technology of the Fibre Laser guarantees fast cutting speed and precision.


Control Unit - Nukon HMI

The interface designed by Nukon Engineers, easy to use, functional and designed with visual buttons, allows us to monitor instant data very quickly. The HMI software presented on the 19” and 21”screen is suitable for industry 4.0.

  • Real-time instantaneous power and pressure monitoring.
  • Instant optical temperature and focus monitoring.
  • Instant simulation, part and contour monitoring.



Laser Cutting Head - NUKON NLCH

  • It is equipped with optics and hardware that supports up to 12kw resonator power. It has a renewable structure. Stores all hardware in a single body. It has a 100% aluminum body. NLCH is the result of long-term R & D studies. Its main purpose is to allow maintenance and optic change in the field.Some features:
  • Optical structure supporting up to 12kw,
  • Contamination and temperature control of all optics
  • Piercing sensor control
  • Collimator and lens cooling with water
  • Integrated gas pressure sensor
  • Automatic optical calibration system
  • Auto focus, feedback feed
  • On-site service feature (Optical change)




The AX5000 Servo Drive product line from Beckhoff sets standards in drive performance. The AX5000 series is available in single- or multi-channel form and is optimised for exceptional functionality and cost-effectiveness. Featuring integrated, high-speed control technology with a current control cycle of down to 62.5 μs, the AX5000 drives support fast and highly dynamic positioning tasks. The drives utilise EtherCAT as a high-performance communication system, providing an ideal interface with PC-based control technology while supporting coupling with other fieldbus systems.

The 2-channel Servo Drives with variable motor output current optimise the packaging density and the cost per drive channel. The compact design and simple and safe installation through the AX-Bridge quick connection system significantly simplify control cabinet assembly.